PURITY RING - bodyache

From Another Eternity - Released March 3, 2015

By Christopher Matei

A lot of people used similar words to describe Purity Ring when Shrines was released: dark. Warped. Moody. Intimate. Ominous. Visceral. Cold.

Cold in particular is an interesting choice. As anyone who’s lived in Canada through much of this winter can attest, some of the most bone-bitingly frigid days are those on which the sun hangs alone in a clear, still sky. As metaphors go, that’s something like the scene set by  bodyache, from Purity Ring’s recently released Another Eternity. The song is more of a wide-open electro-pop construct than almost anything Megan James and Corrin Roddick have released before, trading Shrines’ labyrinth of swirling pads and octave-morphed samples for big-room bass and sprays of crystalline piano. James’ vocals are precise and clear, staying closely focused even as huge buzzing synths begin to vibrate the walls of the song’s chorus around her. It’s still very much the sound of Purity Ring, just turned to catch the light from a different, glittering set of angles.


You can listen to bodyache here, and check out more about Purity Ring here.