Radio Drive - A Taste of Heaven EP

Released February 1, 2014

By Rowan Greger


Radio Drive is bringing popular sound to us in a brand new way. The one man music-machine behind Radio Drive, Kevin Gullickson, puts a little of himself into each song. His songs are with the times and fit well into the rock-pop music scene.

A Taste of Heaven hosts a pallet of classic rock flavours with a little Radio Drive zest. The first initial vocals pull you in and take you on a ride. The voice that this song speaks with has a very comforting and familiar feel to it. It brings you away from the moment, giving you time to reflect. A Taste of Heaven transports you not to a place to, but to a feeling of nostalgia. You can really hear the influences of great musicians like Coldplay, U2 and the Beatles within this piece.

Borders has an inspiring and philosophical set of lyrics. “Let your imagination take you far away/Beyond the confines of your only mind/Beyond the borders only you define.” This electric blues-rock track is very laid back with an excellent guitar line keeping a quick uplifting rhythm. The electric solo at 2:40 was epic, and I only wish it lasted longer. The sound of the strings synths brings the song to a very well-rounded ending.

Footsteps will have you feeling as though you are on a long journey, walking away into the distance. The single acoustic guitar strums in the beginning add a lot of depth to the sound.  The vocals in the chorus get a little muddy, with a lot of layering of voices. The lyrics are almost lost in the echoing. Overall this is a very easy-listening song.

Who You Are stands out from the rest. It opens up with a very unique synth line that has you dancing, whether that’s in your seat or on the floor. It has lots of variety and growth throughout the course of the song that feels like it’s leading somewhere. All the sounds are well mastered and the levels for listening are perfect. The electric guitar solo at 2:23 is fresh and exhilarating. The lyrics carry meaning to the listener and the message is not lost on deaf ears.

Overall, Radio Drive has produced an EP that will be a hit with rock-pop lovers, and we're looking forward to what comes next.