Released February 19, 2016

By Rose Morris

Critically-acclaimed electro-folk artist Rae Spoon’s much anticipated eighth solo album, Armour, was released on February 19th into the eagerly awaiting hands of their already large and loyal fan base. Although it is definitely a departure from Spoon’s last album, My Prairie Home, Armour is strong from start to finish and has the same polished vocal stylings and killer lyrics that we’ve come to expect from them. While My Prairie Home was a very folk-based album, Armour is a pop powerhouse. Clean instrumental layering, sugar-sweet harmonies, and catchy-as-hell hooks (especially in the title track Armour, Can’t Go Right, and Wrestles with Death) are what characterize this album’s light, accessible sound.

While Spoon’s latest album is a veritable explosion of dance party fun-times, it’s not all fluff. Spoon’s expertly crafted lyrics, touching upon serious and sometimes difficult topics like trauma, aimlessness, and self-doubt, give weight to Armour. Although the first thing that draws the listener into this album is the captivating melodies and clean vocals, tracks like Stolen Song, which opens with the lines “If you grew up in a nothing town /where they sing the same song in every house / then I can see what made you so hungry,” remind us that Spoon is first and foremost a lyricist. The carefully constructed lyrics -which are sparse yet heavy with emotion, nostalgia, and conflict- are the backbone that hold up this album and make Spoon such a recognizable and exciting artist.