River of Kings

@ the Electric Owl - Vancouver

September 19, 2014

Heavily delayed guitar and a chill vibe greeted audiences as River of Kings opened the night at The Electric Owl, with the three-piece bare bones band providing a well connected and groovy set. The band’s strength flowed from the tonal quality of the instruments, which was spectacular despite  a somewhat shaky start with the vocals.

Reminiscent of 90’s grunge rock, with solid drumming giving a wicked energy to the other instruments, River of Kings powered through and found it’s voice. Gaining a gritty, Radiohead-esque feel, the vocals started to come into their own. The grittier the vocals, the better they seem to fit with the song.

River of Kings presented a good musical experience, with an energy that caught the audience’s attention. While definitely having the potential to be an amazing performing group, having consistent vocality would serve them well. When the vocal tone is at it’s peak, it draws the audience and is truly enjoyable.

Though starting out slow, River of Kings gained momentum and ended the performance with absolutely amazing vocality and delectable delayed guitar, proving their amazing rhythmic connection as one musical entity.