Released June 9, 2015

By Larry Chen 

Jordan Irwin, otherwise known as River of Kings, has released his second EP, The Sway, and it is most definitely a melodramatic mash of indie and alternative music. Irwin’s voice has a quality similar to that of Matthew Healy - the lead singer of the popular band The 1975. The whole EP gives off a vibe of faded grunge and garage band.

Irwin shows that while backing tracks are important he can also focus on the lyrics. Exit (Get On Your Way) is one example of a very well written song. Combined with a muddy and grunge like vocal performance the song gives way to imagery that is personal to everyone.

The whole EP itself is reminiscent of a classic indie film, or maybe something with a noir theme. The songs slide so effortlessly from one another and it’s a true feat to be able to do something like that.

The Sway is mainly all upbeat songs, with the exclusion of one, making it worth bringing out at a gathering (or maybe when it rains). The Sway has a calming and gentle feeling and timbre to it even though its instrumentation is very rock-based. Tone and theme are very integral to this album and give way for Irwin to continue to develop his character and musicianship.

River of Kings, continues his promising career in the path of music with this very driven rock/indie/alternative EP.