Robert Robert - Not Self-Titled EP

Released June 10, 2015

By Fiona Roome

Not Self-Titled EP, a five track EP from Montreal's Robert Robert launched on June 10th under Silverstag Records, will get your head bobbing, guaranteed. This is the kind of EP you can enjoy whether you're home alone drying dishes or out for a rollicking night on the town. Absolutely worth a listen. Robert Robert shows amazing potential for his young age. We can't wait to see what he'll produce from here!

Robert Robert mixes several genres in his work, including R&B, Hip-hop, and electronic. This is definitely reflected in the EP. These five diverse tracks show Robert Robert's breadth and ability to mesh genres into a smooth sound with a beat that doesn't quit.

The first four tracks feature Rollie, Félix Noé , ZéFIRE, Panther Matumona, and Echo 6, which gives them all a unique feel. Deadline is heavy on the hip-hop. It's got a simple but catchy chorus –“why you gotta be like that, why you gotta be like that?” –with some good old fashioned brass accompaniment (wen can thank Rollie for that). Very much the type of track that gets stuck in your head after hearing it once.

Lonely Road and Rose Petals maintain the strong hip-hop beat and dial up the electronic. Lonely Road transitions seamlessly from an upbeat riff into a smooth and slow bridge. These tracks are especially well-suited for dancing.

While lyrics and vocals are a substantial factor in the first three tracks, the last two abandon vocals almost completely. Fracture Zone has none at all. At this point, the EP shifts from a hip-hop/R&B emphasis to electronic. Third Eye, the only track not featuring another artist, changes tones dramatically throughout. It begins with a fast, heavy hip hop beat and ends with a simple and eery piano solo.

Overall, this diverse EP gets you humming, dancing, raving, bobbing grooving, and beyond. As Robert Robert himself says on his Facebook page, a perk of listening to Not Self-Titled EP is that “ get to tell your friends you're a cool kid now and that you listen to cool kids' music!” So without further ado, give Not Self-Titled EP a gander and spread the word that you're a cool kid now.