Rosewood's Diary - Unforsaken Memories

Released April 14, 2014

By Adam Briscoe


It starts off just as the name intends, a Sweet Melody. With guitars strumming, snare rocking, and harmonicas blazing this song is humble and heartwarming - especially with the beautiful voices that Rosewood’s Diary provides. I am a big lover of opener songs, be it an album or a simple EP and Sweet Melody just  overwhelms you with a need to sit and listen to this EP from beginning to end.

Rosewood Diary has that rich acoustic sound you would expect from Canadiana folk music, making you instantly fall in love. My Darling Victoria is reminiscent of a more upbeat version of Iron & Wine. Fully equipped with a train like snare beat and swelling string sections, this song will give you the feeling of driving across Canada, with the sudden stops in the song keeping you grasping for the next note to pick it up again. My Darling Victoria could easily be on a playlist of the most Canadian songs.

Soothing harmonica and gentle finger-picking, what else could you honestly ask for in a folk song? Rosewood’s Diary wrap you up in a big maple leaf once again in A Sunday From Home. The lyrics themselves are something entirely different, letting you drift away into the beautiful poetry Rosewood’s Diary hands you in fistfuls.

More rich acoustics, small soulful electric licks, and fantastic harmonies, Souls of Your Shoes is another feel good song. For and EP, Unforsaken Melodies is one of the best I’ve listened to in the past few months. Grab this while you can and just take a trip down some Canadian back roads that suit every one of these beautiful numbers. Dear Rosewood’s Diary: Please give us a full album now - We're ready!