Rosie June - Listening Post

Released June 17, 2014

By Jessica Rinfret

Rosie June, a Vancouver native, is re-releasing her 9-track album Listening Post after a previous release in 2013, and it’s something to be excited about—this album should garner attention, and a re-release might do just that.

The album is a cohesive, yet offbeat combination of sweet, whimsical vocals, steady beats, and some perfectly integrated synth. Nothing is overdone, or overly showy. Rosie’s vocals speak for themselves, and the almost futuristic-surf feeling of the record suits her well. The record has a mystical ambiance, while lyrics reflect real life relationships, trials, tribulations, and the magic of everyday life. While laid-back, the album still has enough groove to get you moving.

Favourites on the album include it’s title track, Listening Post, which feels the most artistically developed and mature on the album. However, Rosie June’s diversity is demonstrated best through tracks like Airport Lines, which embraces the melancholy overtones in Rosie’s voice and brings in a new level of emotional depth. All the tracks are easy to listen to, and hauntingly beautiful. The style that she has developed for herself suits her perfectly, and the result is an album that is polished and listener-friendly.

Listening Post is an album that seems to have bridged the gap between something that would be at home in the opening credits of an early-2000s teen show and a melancholy, expressive, while still upbeat, piece of art. The album is definitely one-of-a-kind, and will likely become a summer staple for many.