Released March 26, 2015

By Larry Chen 

Vancouver based singer-songwriter, Ryan Gazzola, brings us his debut EP, Silently Screaming. It is a guitar-driven, romantic EP with influences of folk and indie-pop. Gazzola's soft, clear vocals, have moments of vibrato and slightly raspy textures. His vocal tone is soothing, easy to relax to, and perfect for this style of music. 

The EP starts with War, a catchy song with well written lyrics. It has a reggae feel to the guitar and drum beat, giving it a Marley inspired sound. The song's melancholic lyrics contradict the happy and joyous beat, with Gazzola singing about a troubling woman who he feels doesn't care "at all." The electric guitar solo is a nice, unique touch.

Stay The Night is another upbeat track, but in the way that would get you dancing close to your partner in your living room. With a consistent tapping of snares and cymbals, the song is very rhythmic. The lyrics speak to getting back together after a fight, "I don't want to fight you, girl. You don't know that you mean the whole world." It again offers great guitar solos. 

Emotion brings my mind to the beach, hanging out and relaxing. The minimal instrumentation gives way for Gazzola's voice to take the spotlight. With lyrics like, "I'll always be that selfish boy you knew," Gazzola apologizes for his shortcomings. The track builds, with more instrumentation being introduced as the song progresses, and the intensity of the lyrics building as well. 

Fade Away is the final track on the EP. It has an infectious melody line that is matched with simple piano and great vocals, making it an overall great song. Again serenading a woman, "Tell me what you want my perfect lady," Gazzola sings. 

Overall, Silently Screaming is a powerful, upbeat EP that was put together with caring hands. Ryan Gazzola is a promising song-writer, with sweet, well controlled vocals. This was a great debut, and we look forward to his first LP.