Rykka + Little India @ the Fox Cabaret

Vancouver, BC

September 25, 2015

By Graham White

The Fox Cabaret is well known for its seedy past, with dim red lighting and a vibe that brings out the best in the performers that grace it's stage. This was certainly the case this past Friday night, which saw a Peak Performance Project contestant open the night for 2013's winner, Rykka.

Little India, who is currently in the running for this year's PPP, opened the night and brought with them sincerity and danceable tunes. This bass-heavy, tightly knit group demonstrated why the PPP would include them in their roster. With a synth focus and a wonderful vocal range, it is no surprise that they are where they are. While the great funky bass grooves could have been more emphasized, the group was nonetheless a solid opening act. Sincere, and seeming to be having genuine fun, they occasionally descend into noise-chaos which is superbly entertaining.

Rykka took the stage and showed off her country-twang vocal chops over a bed of synth and simple beats. It is clear that the vocality is centre stage, deservedly. Extremely powerful and full of emotion, Rykka's voice is absolutely stunning. On stage, she never stops bouncing, clearly having the time of her life. There is a strong connection to the audience, which only goes to illustrate her high energy and love for performing. Playing new tracks such as Bad Boy and Chikitiboo, which can only be described as synth-pop finery, and older favourites like The Brink, which had jazzier, guitar riffs that complimented the vocal tone very well. The combination of Rykka's twangy vocals and the music's synth-pop feel is wonderful, and to top it off with a solo rendition of Roxanne and a bouquet tossing of cheeseburger socks only made the night more entertaining. Clearly a skilled performer, if you ever have the chance to see Rykka perform, it is something to not be missed.