Released April 6, 2016

By Rose Morris

My Heart Ticks On, from Selina Martin’s new album I’ve been Picking Caruso’s Brain; I Think I Have the Information We Need to Make a New World is pretty much impossible to categorize. It has obvious elements of prog-rock, pop, and punk, but really all you have to know is that it’s cool as hell and you need to go and listen to it right now.

Martin doesn’t sound like anyone else we’re hearing right now, so it’s no wonder she’s been compared to major innovators like Kate Bush and Talking Heads. My Heart Ticks On grabs you with its catchy hook and experimental layering of instruments (yes, that’s a cello in the background, and yes, part of that drum kit is a saw blade), but what really gets us is Martin’s beautifully raw vocals which are strong enough to overpower the track’s heavy guitar riffs, yet still maintain a raw vulnerability that takes on an almost manic quality at times (this is where that Talking Heads comparison really starts to make sense). Martin has an extensive musical resume, having worked with artists like Bob Wiseman and Rheostatics in the past, but if My Heart Ticks On is any indication, she is really coming into her own creatively now, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.