serpentwithfeet - blisters

Released July 28, 2016

By Larry Chen 

Sonically, blisters by serpentwithfeet is a trail blazing song in the future-bound experimental industry. With instrumentation that drums up images of James Blake and FKA Twigs, this song definitely falls under a dream-pop-esque category. Perfect for a night of star-gazing or just getting lost in an auditory trance.

The hard hitting synths and drum track combined with the occasional soft string and harp chordal passages bring an elegant way to fall down the rabbit hole. serpentwithfeet himself has an airy and celestial type voice that is strong at points and also breathy and vulnerable at others.

The song shows a sense of depth and range that is very refreshing and is something to look forward to from this artist. A must-listen for anyone who is on the scene of new progressive trip hop/ experimental R&B music.