Released January 15, 2016

By Fiona Roome

If you’re craving a psychedelic throwback to ‘60s pop rock, She-Devils' self-titled EP is your answer. With their airy, dreamlike vocals and basic-yet-catchy hooks, this debut album has its niche carved out. As for their overall aesthetic – what’s not to love about the stylized Frida Kahlo-reminiscent figure in the cover art? (An original work of visual art from vocalist Audrey Ann herself.)

She-Devils hail from Montreal and consist of two members: Audrey Ann and Kyle Jukka. Their self-titled EP, released January 15, 2016, kicks off their discography.

The whole album combines a typical rock set-up of guitar, drums, and bass, then throws in some electronic and synth to seduce listeners with that trance-like psychedelic feel. This album manages to indulge in a kaleidoscopic sound without breaching into the territory of New Age.

The EP’s opening track Come stands out from the others in quality, and the album concludes with what can be best described as the psychedelic remix of the song. This upbeat, flirtatious track was a highlight in showcasing the vocalist’s style and talent in singing.

The vocals are a major strength of She-Devils' overall sound. Ann’s voice has a unique quality, particularly in a ‘retro’ context. This is definitely apparent in Come. At times, the longer held notes of Where There’s No One and I Wanna Touch You leave her voice sounding a bit strained. Fortunately, even the strain tends to jive well with the general feel of these tracks. With this, the second and third tracks do a solid job of capturing a kind of catchy melancholy in both sound and lyrics.

She-Devils' EP doesn’t reinvent the wheel lyrically. Instead, the duo seems to have opted to stay true to the pop genre: simple, repetitive, and easily relatable. With their psychedelic sound pushing the boundaries of retro-pop, they make repetitive and relatable lyrics work.

All in all, this is an exciting first release from She-Devils. It’s likely an album that will appeal to indie-pop-appreciative music buffs as well as to a more casual audience. It’s easy to listen to while still pushing past the current pop-song formula. For all those looking to descend into an ambient/indie trance, you’re sure to enjoy!