Bear Mountain-Badu

Released December 4, 2015

By Larry Chen 

We all know indie music as the soul searching, raspy vocals paired with alternative and new age versions of the good old guitar and drum set. Bear Mountain’s new single brings the latter half and, from their excellent delivery, doesn't require the former. Badu, the latest single from the 4 piece Vancouver indie band, doesn’t disappoint the group’s fans at all.

The new single oozes of new age indie music; from their use of synths, to the groovy down-to-earth melody lines that flow throughout the track. Organic and very natural, the band has actually stated that part of the song was improvised completely during one of their recording sessions.

What can arguably be seen as a turning point for Bear Mountain, what's indisputable is that Badu is a groovy, natural feeling song that brings a much needed ambience to this very busy world.