Released February 25, 2016

By Desiré Amouzou

In a world where musical arrangements and sound samples have become very predictable, almost shrink-wrapped and packaged to perfection, it's nice to find the odd paper bag filled with goodness.

On my long drives into the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia, I find my playlists circling around a lot of '90s trip-hop and industrial special blends. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of talent out there. It's just that there seems to be a lack of risk, an overuse of hand sanitizer.

When working as a documentary photographer, I find my best photos are reactions to the tracks in my ears. In fact, I believe that in order to truly to channel visually the landscape of one's community, one has to hear it first.

So when I heard Night Waves, the first single by Seaborne, a new Vancouver musical group comprised of former Victoria musicians Maryse Bernard and Solomon Krause-Imlach, my lens pushed sharply into focus. The shuffle, drum 'n' bass tempo of this song took me back to my discovery of Tricky and Portishead. Just like those classic ensembles and producers, Seaborne has put an original taste into a paper bag. It's laid out a rawness that leaves me wanting my commute to last longer.

I was pleasantly surprised by Bernard's vocals. She carefully crashes into the washed-out cymbal cues and allows for Krause-Imlach's winding organs to paint the picture.

I think you would agree it's been a day or two since we've seen an electronic group become an inspiration in North America. Seaborne certainly restores that conversation. Nicely done.