Released September 8, 2016

By Jasmine Proctor

Madden, the Oslo-based producer and artist known for his EDM single, Golden Light, is back for a second time with his new track, Alive. Vastly differing from the rock and jazz-infused debut song, Alive boasts hypnotic rhythms, stimulating lyrics, and intricate layers of instruments to create a trendy, but addicting blend of EDM that transports you into another world.

Right from the beginning, the soft harmonics of the vocals and slow beats put the listener into a trance, taking you out of your surroundings and placing you in an audible utopia. The slow pace, though, quickly builds up to the chorus, as a drumbeat reflecting the tempo of the human heart emerges, echoed by the lyrics “all we ever wanted was to feel alive”. In that moment, the listener becomes aware of their trance-like state, and the feeling of being alive is manifested through the song’s rhythm. It’s as if the hook sucks you in, and the beat drop at the chorus spits you out again, leaving you confused but with a sudden urge to dance along. It’s an experience, to say the least.

I honestly couldn’t get enough of the chorus. There’s something so otherworldly and majestic about it, with the powerful vocals throughout being hauntingly beautiful. I also fell in love with the way the music reflected the lyrics, creating a cohesive unit. At each point in the song, the rhythm and instruments would portray what the lyrics expressed, with the beat intensifying as the lyrics expressed a desire to break free and come alive. As soon as the beat dropped and the rhythm took hold, as if breaking free from the anticipation provoked by the song’s hook, the lyrics would scream out the word “alive” in a layered echo. This was such a beautiful addition to the track, and it made me feel more immersed in the song as a whole.

One-part EDM dance track and one-part sleepy trance song, Alivestraddles the border of current and future trends in the music world. With simple but inspiring lyrics, upbeat tempos, and multiple beat drops, Madden has yet again produced something worthy of praise. I can honestly say that this track has quickly found a home on my recently played list, and I don’t foresee it leaving any time soon.