Childish Gambino — Me and Your Mama

If you had told me a year or two ago that Donald Glover could produce a piece of neo-soul as interesting as "Me and Your Mama," I would’ve shrugged it off as pure ignorance. A complete departure from previous Childish Gambino records, this single shows a path that may be more experimental for the artist.

Sonically, this is one of the most solid pieces I’ve heard in a while. The lilting bass lines and high-pitched, cicada-reminiscent chimes in the opening minute throw the listener into the atmosphere that is also put forth by the cover image.

In the verses themselves, Glover/Gambino provides some punchy vocals, showcasing a rasp and growl that could be compared to Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Visceral and raw, the lyrics tell a story of someone wanting more from their unrequited love. A headbanger, but also a song for listening to in a dark room alone, "Me and Your Mama" is one of the best singles from Gambino in quite a while, and I’m excited for the full album.

— Larry Chen