Christina Martin - Lungs Are Burning

“Lungs are burning, hearts are yearning” Just one of the verses Martin sings with such ease, painting a perfect picture with her voice. Sounding surprising close to another female artist, Lana Del Rey, with very heartfelt expressions. I enjoyed listening to the story that was being told, a song about life and the sad world we currently live in. A time for reflecting, to slow down and enjoy the people we love, no matter how hard it may be at times. She has a way of relaxing you with her sound, making you feel somewhat peaceful, leaving you wanting more.

The song also has a ghostly similarity to Midnight Oil’s, “Beds Are Burning,” both shedding light on very important matters going on in our world. With a strong message woven into her track, hopefully it’s enough to perk a few ears and even save a few lives.  We’ll have to see, but a memorable tune nonetheless.