Smash Boom Pow - Way Too Much

Vancouver's aptly named Smash Boom Pow release "Way Too Much" as the first single off their upcoming sophomore EP, due out later this year. 

The track is frustrated and energy fueled, diving right into a chaotic mental state. It showcases their ability to hide raw hooks inside a nest of razor blade overdrive and pounding drums. The perfect anthem for anyone who feels like they aren't living up to someone's unrealistic expectations. 

Described as, "a grainy 8mm picture, primitive in form, but the details," puts it into words best. It has this comfortable feeling in its discomfort, like a song you were missing from your library. 

Vocalist, Ulysses, described working on the track as "cathartic and therapeutic all at once, as well as satisfying for me as an indie rock fanboy." He notes that, "You're asking way too much of me" it's not about an unreasonable labour request, but rather unfair emotional demands and the psychic damage they can inflict. My personal experience of this conflict was confusing to say the least. On one hand you have love for someone and are inclined to compromise for the sake of the relationship, on the other you’ve gotta be true to your experience and set the record straight. I’m not about living a lie."

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By Morgan Berna