St. Vincent - St. Vincent

Released February 24, 2014

By Morgan Berna


For someone who has been a St. Vincent fan since the first time Annie Clark’s voice graced my ears I’ve got to say the new album, St. Vincent, certainly surprised me. Compared to previous albums by St. Vincent, St. Vincent feels like Clark is ready to show audiences exactly what she’s got. I get the feeling that his album has been brewing in Clark’s mind, waiting for the right time to jump out. While the album definitely has a new sound, it manages to stay true to St. Vincent’s classic sound. What this album has that others didn’t to the same degree is this ridiculous confidence level that makes even the songs you don’t enjoy still feel like they deserve a certain level of respect. Clark is certainly not one to be shy musically, and on this album it shows. You won’t find toned-down, acoustic ballads like All My Stars Aligned from Marry Me on St. Vincent. Instead, you’ll find tracks that are harder to digest, rugged, sometimes almost offensive to the ear in their unpredictability, and great. I can already picture Clark crowd-surfing to upbeat tracks like Birth in Reverse, and serenading audiences with slower songs like I Prefer Your Love or the final track Severed Crossed Fingers. Bring Me Your Love is definitely a more interesting piece with it’s quirky electronic beat, repetitive robot-like lyrics and stress-inducing tempo changes. For lovers of the simplicity of Marry Me or the catchy songs of Strange Mercy, St. Vincent might be an album that takes more than one listen to get the hang of. St. Vincent maintains the classic soft and powerful vocal moments we’d expect from Clark, but it relies more heavily on the integration of music and vocals than previous work. The album feels like it focuses less on creating singles and more on creating a confident, cohesive album. While it might take some getting used to for older fans, St. Vincent is certainly worth a listen.