Sunparlour Players - The Living Proof

Released April 8, 2014

By Karina Sims

Sunparlour Players The Living Proof pops through the speakers with the same energetic prowess that can only transpire when I drop the needle down onto a favorite vinyl record. The Living Proof debuts with Soapbox, the introduction a vacuum of silence that pays off with melodic jammage which dusts off and polishes a nostalgic admonishment that I felt during the glory days of garage rock. I Hope This Isn’t The End For You is hauntingly reminiscent of Mudhoney Piece of Cake and Gibby Haynes BHS Coming Down The Mountain’s rhythmic tone and hypnotic pace.

The thing I love so much about The Living Proof is that it doesn’t prompt you to hit the ffw button. Your fingertips are busy playing drums on your knees rather than hitting skip through tracks like By Your Side all the way through to How to Build a Fort With Nothing and until the numbers switch to Nain Rouge. That’s when I start really nodding my head, enveloped in the almost brilliant meld of suburban hip hop/90's rock/Grateful Dead vibe mash up that, again, brings Gibby Haynes to the forefront of my musical memory.
Not only does The Living Proof pump me up, making whatever I’m doing at the time become instantly more exciting, it lends access to the nearly impenetrable banks of imagination for which music was made to do. To inspire the listener, and provoke numerous possibilities of the human soul, this ability of modern artists, is sadly, rarely accomplished by bands today.  

Sunparlour Players is a band that brings back shadows of The Pixies Doolittle with high energy octane opening tracks that don’t shy up to the listener. Sunparlour has no qualms about bringing the listener close, quickly absorbing their audience into their world.

I pay homage and pledge liturgy to any band that sways me to memory in the direction for the dirty floors of concert halls soaked in the blood and the beer of agrarian crowds, hands high, fingers parted, a swarming legion of chord worshipers. The Living Proof is just that. Living proof, rock is still alive and well and we haven’t be forsaken by the saints of strum. Amen.