The Arkells - High Noon

Released August 5, 2014

By Rowan Greger

The Arkellsare a five-piece rocknroll band from Hamilton, Ontario. Named after the street on which they grew up on and practiced their music, the road is very much a part of their music, through both their lyrics and the way their music constantly moves forward. I highly recommend it for all music lovers, no matter your genre of preference. This rocknroll cinquet of talented and driven musicians progresses forward through poetic words and capturing music. 

The Arkellsthird studio album High Noon is engaging and musically driving. The vocals and harmonies are great, the bass is sturdy and fast, the guitarists are sharp as a tack and the drums are tight and clean. Their album creates an atmosphere of contemplation, allowing you to think about what is real and what is a social construct. This album has dynamic variety, full of very groovy bass lines and drum beats. The bass, guitars, piano and multiple vocals tie this tight knit group together splendidly. Frontman Max Kerman reminds us that There are some ethereal things human connection and empathy etc. and there are constructed things money and systems."

Fake Money is about a few things, but generally it's about personal values.(Source). Max Kerman follows, Every song on the record is meaningful to us in its own way, but Fake Money sets the tone for their new album (Source). This song, like the rest of the album, is loaded with material to enjoy: a drum beat that gets you moving, a wailing lead guitar, melodic piano and a riveting message.

Throughout the album the Arkells present their personal values in a way that keep you listening and thinking. Overall, this is a rock'n'roll album that makes for easy listening, complimented by unique thoughts, questions of values, and great musicianship. Well worth a listen.