THE BIGNESS - Run! Run! (Escape Anthem)

Released June 2, 2016

By Jasmine Proctor

Run! Run! (Escape Anthem), the first single from Philadelphia-based indie rock group The Bigness' forthcoming album Time Traveler, is the summer road trip track we’ve all been waiting for. Filled with the group’s famous folky vocals and classical rock beats, the song breathes new life into the indie rock genre. A mixture of fast-paced drum beats, rebellious lyrics, echoing vocals and vintage guitar riffs, Run! Run! (Escape Anthem) is a track for those who want to be bold and break free. With lines like “now’s the time to feel alive” and “run, run away," you can’t help but imagine yourself riding through the night dreaming of a new start.

The accompanying music video only enhances this notion, highlighting the adventurous nature of the track by displaying clips of vintage car chases. From jumping curbs to outrunning the cops, the video furthers the music’s plot and evokes a retro sense of escapism and adventure. The video complements the music’s abrasive energy, the continuous images of rebellion and sticking it to the man fuelling an intense adrenaline rush for the listener.

This track tells a story of desire and new beginnings. With tones that bring forth those midnight thoughts, road trip dreams, and desert drive feelings, Run! Run! (Escape Anthem) truly lives up to its name as the perfect addition to a runaway dreamer’s summer soundtrack.