June 20, 2015

Show Review and Photography by Rowan Greger

On Saturday, the 20th of June, I went with family to a small concert in a little red barn on a farm. It was the 4th Annual Red Barn fundraiser concert, with this year’s proceeds going to the St Francis homeless shelter in Selkirk, Manitoba. I knew that I would enjoy the time spent listening to music, but what I didn't expect was to be blown away by a group of diversely talented musicians! The night was not only in support of a great cause but it was also an excellent event. 

Marcel Desilets, member of the band Waywiser declared that the other half of the two piece band was ill, then continued impromptu and last minute to play a solo show. One of his songs called Kingdoms Door was written through a randomization of texts in a book store. Next up was the entertaining and talented bilingual Justin Lacroix. The ladies oo'd and awed both when he sang and when he shook his long hair; his performance was interspersed with great music, requests and good humour.

The last performance of the night played music that was the audible equivalent of a starry night. Blue Rubies, a Winnipeg group that has been around for a few years but is new in composition played a very close and personal show that had everyone in the barn feeling like long-time fans. This four piece group was multi-talented and switched up instruments as well as composers.

Each member of the group displayed avid abilities at composing music. Guitarist, vocalist and drummer Cory led us with two songs he wrote, Mountains of Stone and By and By. Rhianna, guitarist and vocalist, then showed off her beautiful voice and talents as a writer with a song about perspective called Van Gogh. She also led the group in song called Ghost Song. Bassist and vocalist Ben blew us away with great vocals in There She Goes, and guitarist and vocalist Lachlan took the lead with two well written songs, one of which was a speedily composed song called Inkblot Eyes, which was extremely well done for having been written in only fifteen minutes, and one about the power of dreams.

The band then closed the night with a cover of Just the Two of Us by Will Smith and then left us hanging onto their own beautifully arranged original, Take Me Home. Thanks to the Red Barn concert I can honestly say that the Blue Rubies are now one of my favourite bands!