Released June 19, 2015

By Fiona Roome

Labour Unions for the Part Time Lovers is undoubtedly an EP title that will intrigue audiences and draw them in for at least one good listen.

As a first impression, the vocals (and to an extent the overall sound) resemble Kings of Leon –the impressive factor here is that this sound is produced by two men: Doug Gorrie and Mike Bone. Together, they make up The Canadian Shield. This Ontario-bred duo has been raising eyebrows with their big sound compared to their size. As CBC music puts it, “the mighty duo has a much fuller sound that one would expect possible from just two individuals.”

Labour Unions for the Part Time Lovers is a seven track EP with a consistent sound throughout. The upside to this is that you can flick on this album and get into a solid mood that maintains itself for all seven tracks, the downside being that the songs tend to meld together, and sometimes can seem interchangeable. However, they do have a few distinct choruses that stick in one's head: “Labour Unions for the Part Time Lovers,” as mentioned above, is a catchy line and an ear worm if there ever was one. It has a strong anthem feel –definitely of the belt-it-out variety.

The first track on the album, Listen to The Radio, embodies their style quite nicely. It begins with a smooth, one-string sound featuring a basic, downplayed rhythm before launching into the verses with a drum-packed, chord-crunching arrangement. This sets up the gravelly vocals effectively with its complimentary sound.

Labour Unions for the Part Time Lovers was released on June 19th, 2015 and is The Canadian Shield's second album in their discography—their first being Songs for the Dead in Love (which is also the title of the seventh song on Labour Unions). Both albums are seven-trackers.

This album has a big sound for only two members, and overall they managed it beautifully. They would likely be an impressive stage act, to see two people creating such complex music! Definitely a duo to keep on the radar.