THE CARLINES - @ The Roxy, Vancouver

April 16, 2015

Review by Morgan Berna, Photography by Adam Briscoe 

Taking the stage after a rather relentless (and blinding) light-show, The Carlines immediately had the audience feeling comfortable and free. There is just something so familiar about The Carlines' sound (and not just because we interviewed them recently). I couldn't compare them to another band's sound, because The Carlines have this fantastic eastern-folk sound that deserves it's own, unique category. However, despite their unique sound, something about their music is instantly warm and inviting. The audience was already taking the dance-floor during the first song, a rather difficult feat in the stone-cold, often danceless city of Vancouver.

The Carlines kicked off their set with Simple Life, a folk-style song that sounded as though it was influenced by the lifestyle of far eastern Canada. Next up was Feeling with a very likable country feel. This was a song made for driving, with Sjoerd’s smooth, radio-ready vocals. 


The tone turned melancholic for Into The Sun, with it’s slow, smokey guitar. The audience was getting into a serious sway with this one. 1989  was an awesome jam-fest, with wicked bass, lost of energy from the band, and a magical lunging-stance from the lead guitar. 

We were then given the chance to dance again with Heart, a song with great harmonies, giving way to senseless energy from the crowd. The vocals were, as always, smooth as butter. 

Finally, the set was concluded with Dance Like Fools, which was exactly what you'd expect; an upbeat dance track that had your foot tapping. It has an excellent driving beat, passionate vocals from Sjoerd, and fantastic crowd participation.

Overall, this Victoria band is definitely one we are expecting to hear a lot more from. A lot of bands are good, and catchy, but there is just something special about The Carlines that you need to hear to believe.