The Dead Yetis - Gallon’s Corner EP

Released January 17, 2015

By Rose Morris

Okay, let’s talk about Okanagan-based band The Dead Yetis’ (not to be confused with Florida band Dead Yetis. I know.) new five track EP, Gallon’s Corner. It’s sort of like if The Cure and Cold War Kids had a love child and took it to a lot of Pixies concerts at a young age. So basically this EP is living my dream.  

The first track, Postcard, comes in howling (literally) with a theatrically amplified, echoing yell that for some reason reminds me of Donkey Kong. But you know what? I like overkill theatricality and Donkey Kong, so I’m really not complaining. Postcard launches into strong vocals, heavy guitar riffs, rhythmic percussion and good old rock ‘n’ roll lyrics about sending you a postcard from Hell which sets you up to enjoy this EP for what it is: a really strong bunch of modern rock songs with obvious roots in the classics.

My personal favourite track is titled Love Me Down, which has slightly softer guitar and percussion than the rest of the EP, allowing for the husky, raw vocals to come into the foreground and sweep you off your feet. Lead vocalist Jim Lagerquist is one of those singers whose voice has a unique quality all its own - you’re not going to confuse him with anyone else, which, in my opinion, is a big part of what makes a real artist.

There’s nothing I don’t like about this EP. The songs flow well together, the lyrics have just the right amount of sentimentality without being smarmy, and the vocals haunt you in your dreams (that’s good). Gallon’s Corner is unique, raw, and exciting while at the same time being really accessible – I feel like I could play this for my hipster friends, my punker friends, and my mom and get the same positive reaction out of all of them. Anyone who appreciates some solid, genuine rock music will love The Dead Yetis.