The liquorSmiths - This Book Belongs To

Releases August 21, 2015

By Graham White

The San Diego indie folk group The Liquorsmiths’ soon to be released EP, This Book Belongs To, simply bleeds emotion with its narrative lyricism. With song arrangements that are interestingly diverse, the EP still maintains distinct connections to groups like Wilco and Bright Eyes. The trio (consisting of Drew Thams, Ryan Fischer and Clayton Payne) create seemingly simplistic tracks that hide a deeper meaning within their rhythms.

Providing listeners with easily digestible folk tracks, the EP doesn’t necessarily break any folk tropes, preferring to maintain a sound that can be enjoyed by any and all. That being said, The Liquorsmiths’ sound seems ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the sun. It doesn’t try to offend or provoke, it aims to entertain.

The opening track on the EP, Coy With Me, immediately treats listeners with Thams’ voice, which lies somewhere between Van Morrison and Conor Oberst. Lyrically, the tracks are full of imagery and are easily relatable, invoking the emotions of everyday life. Poetic without preachiness, the lyrical quality of the EP is definitely a feature to keep your ears open to.

The EP is full of tracks, like Iris’ Song and Devil I Do, that are perfect swaying tunes. With a lullaby quality but enough energy to keep listeners awake, This Book Belongs To is an indie folk EP that is best served alongside a relaxed mind and a calm heart. If you are looking for a listen that will ease its way into your day off, look no further, sit, be still, and enjoy the sounds of The Liquorsmiths.