Montreal, QC

February 6, 2016

Interview by Katye Chase

Geyser had to chance to get in touch with Montreal, Quebec’s very own, The Posterz. The hip-hop trio, composed of lyrical masters Nate Husser, Kris the Spirit, and production guru, Joey Sherrett, recently released their second and very raw EP, Junga. With no plans of slowing down their creative processes, The Posterz have fans patiently awaiting the release of the upcoming Junga LP, as well as other (bound to be) expressive projects. The overall production of the group’s original beats is left to Sherrett who has played a huge role in the successful creation of a new-school hip-hop sound. Sherrett took some time off from the group’s recent ventures to give us a better look inside the triad’s brainpower. 

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Twitter: @Vote4Posterz

 Geyser: How do you think your sound has evolved since the making of the EP Starships & Dark Tints to the making of Junga?

...As long as your music is good, and you’re being yourself I don’t think it matters where you are geographically. You’ll cut through, and people will gravitate.

Joey Sherrett: The sound has become more organic, and unique to us. Starships was a little more influenced by the sounds of textures of our contemporaries while we were making it.

G: Hearing the new beats you’ve come up with is always amazing. Where do you get your own inspiration for the original sounds you produce?

JS: A lot of the sounds and textures on the Junga EP, as well as the upcoming Junga LP, were inspired by the overall concept of "Junga", which [comes from] Husser and Kris's lives in this concrete jungle we all live in.

Jungle organic infused with harsh and rigid texture.

G: What’s it like for an Anglo hip-hop group in Montreal to get exposure? I’ve heard of instances where, unlike in other cities, the radio here resists giving airtime to local bands, but is it any harder for you to get exposure or local support because your Anglophone? And in addition to that, because your focus is hiphop?

JS: To be honest, as long as your music is good, and you’re being yourself I don't think it matters where you are geographically. You'll cut through, and people will gravitate. People will connect.

G: What venue in Montreal is your favorite to perform? Why?  

JS: The Belmont is pretty cool! It's not too massive, not too small, has this sort of punk lil edge, the crowd is all packed together tight, we've done some decent shows there!

G: What do you want your audiences to get from you guys?

JS: We want them to enjoy dope music. Just something different, an alternative to the mainstream sounds you hear in hip hop right now.

G: What’s your favorite track so far? And which video was the most fun to shoot? Bulalay looks like it would have been an awesome time from start to finish.

JS: Yea Bulalay is awesome. The track is fun, sick lyrics, flows, dope beats, dope guitar. The video was fun to shoot, all shot in Montreal over two days! 

G: What can we expect from you guys in the next year?

JS: This year is going to be really busy! We have the Junga LP dropping, as well as solo projects from all the Posterz members!

G: What’s on your playlist?

JS: Right now I'm listening to a lot of David Bowie, rest in peace!

G: Very legit! We’re anxious to hear the impending LP and will definitely be keeping an eye and ear out for you and your upcoming projects. Thanks for your time!

Listen to Bulalay here.