The Real Ponchos - Since I Let You Go

Released May 6, 2014

By Jessica Rinfret


Since I Let You Go, the latest release by Vancouver band The Real Ponchos, is the best kind of throwback. The eleven-track record reflects traditional, vintage country style, infused with melancholic vibes that bring it onto the modern music scene. Much of the style about the album is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, which is a definite compliment. The band’s sound is cohesive yet diverse, with slightly more upbeat tracks mixed in with ballads, and a smattering of purely instrumental pieces. In fact, the beautiful instrumental segments are one of the finest features of the offering—tracks like Buenas Vibras forgo lyrics entirely and focus on conveying emotion through instrumentals alone, which is a nearly lost art. The band does so expertly, and it adds another layer to the album without being overdone.

The record also features several longer songs, like Along the Way, a ten minute long musical journey featuring the band’s gorgeous instrumental interludes that are equal parts wandering, wishful, and melancholic. This adds some powerful diversity in the mix of songs, and allows listeners to really feel the musical emotions being put forth by the band. There is also a brief instrumental introduction that accompanies the album. Country and folk fans will definitely find a track to love on this record, without a doubt.

Overall, The Real Ponchos achieve a cohesive sound that is a surprising revival of older country and folk styles, given the current landscape of the music scene—and they pull it off. The calm, slightly mournful melodies are easy to listen to, and convey a multitude of emotion. This album is definitely a refreshing addition to any music collection.