The Royal Oui - S/T

Released February 11, 2014

By Jasmine Proctor

New Canadian folk group, The Royal Oui, have released their fresh and soulful debut full-length album. The Vancouver-based duo, consisting of Adrienne Pierce and Ari Shine, harmonize their entrancing voices alongside the sounds of upbeat acoustic guitar and consistent drums to create a sound that is simultaneously romantic and thought-provoking. A balanced mix of instrumental beats, produced fluidly by guitar and soothing percussion throughout the album keep each song unique while still creating a single pace that ties the album together. Starting from the first song, cleverly titled Sirensong, the sounds instantly set the tone for how the album will play out, with its rhythm making it perfect for a day spent in a café with a latte and a good book. I could honestly see myself studying for an exam or catching up on some leisurely reading while engulfing myself in this album. It has an ambiance of comfort and solidarity that lends itself well to spending hours in a large leather chair, sipping a warm drink, and letting the day slip away. Looking at the technical aspects of the album, I felt that The Royal Oui really stepped out of the box set by folk bands before them by creating a consistent beat throughout the record. Refreshing and light, every song contains eccentric lyrics that are both stimulating and heartening, giving the tracks a peaceful, yet contemplating aura. The aspect I found the most encompassing throughout the entire album, though, was definitely the unusual use of vocals. Instead of the typical run-of-the-mill record where singers sing individually, the duo chose to sing in harmony with each other, create a hauntingly beautiful component that is both airy and harmonic. This characteristic of the album is what sets The Royal Oui apart from other artists within the folk genre, with Don't You Think That I showcasing this perfectly. That, alongside the constant use of acoustic guitar throughout, solidifies this album as a shining example of Canadian folk that stands above the rest.