The Royal Oui

Show @ The Electric Owl - Vancouver

October 26, 2014

By Graham White and Morgan Berna

The Royal Oui kicked last night off at The Electric Owl, opening for Dry the River and Nathaniel Rateliff. Their stage presence grabbed the audience’s attention right away, garnering them a crowd on the dance-floor. The quick guitar, coupled with Adrienne’s sugary sweet vocals on opening track, Sirenssong, was impossible to ignore.

Next up was Give Up the Ghost, a track that starts off with slap guitar looping, making our feet tap. The crowd grew and heads started to bob. Adrienne’s vocals lent really well to the ballad, When You Lose Your Mind, creating this perfect blend of youthful innocence and deep emotionality. The Royal Oui followed with The Real Thing, and then had the audience clap the intro for Montauk, a very danceable piece that led to some heavy swaying in the room. The set was concluded with a Springsteen cover, Atlantic City.

Overall, The Royal Oui definitely impressed. Their ability to get audiences engaged for an opening set, at an early time, was impressive. Their use of visual imagery, including the very Vancouver-centric rain shots, added a little something extra to their performance, and the fantastic acoustics at The Electric Owl didn’t hurt either.

If you’re a fan of slap guitar, loop pedals, awesome harmonies, and catchy tunes, The Royal Oui are definitely a band you need to check out.