The Ruffled Feathers - Bottom of the Blue EP

Released June 17, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

With Bottom of the Blue out for sale now this is the third release from Vancouver based Chamber rock band, The Ruffled Feathers.

Coming at you literally with the chime of bell, It Doesn’t Last is a great example of the beautiful kind of music we need in this day and age. Building up to a humble and sweet vocal line this song will just carry you right along and set motion for the rest of the EP.

Following It Doesn't Last with a hauntingly beautiful first note, and ambient piano, Little Sister grabs you from the get go with no mercy. Driving into a rocking little groove you can’t help but fall head over heels for this song over and over again

The third track comes at you like a scene out of a 50's school dance, with sweet guitar shots, light drums and horns right off the top. Find the closest person and lose yourself in this song. With a song about losing love Tough Love makes for an endearing center piece to this EP.

Last, popping at you right from the beginning Siberian Springtime is a great finale to this great EP. The Ruffled Feathers use of fantastic horn melodies really shows again with the underlying melodies in this song. You're met with a calmed down chorus line that wraps it's lyrical arms around you before dropping one more light-bulb to finish the song.

All in all this is a great EP and worth every second of your time. Grab Bottom of the Blue off iTunes and Bandcamp now. If you want to catch The Ruffled Feathers live and in action, they will be having a CD release party June 28th at the Red Room Ultra Bar. Cheers to another great example of fine music from The Ruffled Feathers.