By Morgan Berna


Having released their debut album Velvet EP on January 9, 2014, Quebec band The Seasons is sure to be a hit with indie-folk lovers. The four song EP gives me the feeling that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what The Seasons has to offer. Instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics have just enough flow to keep the album congruent, with enough variety to keep listeners interested. The first song, Apples, kicks off the album with a vocal showcase. As the song slowly transitions into a more upbeat tempo we are introduced to The Seasons incredible vocal harmonies. This band has some serious chops. The Way It Goes has a slightly different vibe, pulling from a funkier baseline with vocals that remind me early Islands songs. The third song, Copernicus has a punchy tempo and again features the band's vocal harmonies. Last is Velvet Wedding, a more somber track with echoic vocals mixed with simple acoustic guitar. This song sounds as though it could have been influenced by the early work of Fleet Foxes. The four songs contrast carefree melodies with lyrics that have this lonely feel, creating a unique dichotomy for interpretation. Overall the album gives what you'd want from a first EP. It has a clear beginning and ending, and is able to maintain a constant signature-sound while still experimenting with vocals and tempo. Velvet EP is a clear showcase of what The Seasons have to offer, and I can't wait to hear more.