The Torn Images - Reviver

Released November 19, 2014

By Morgan Berna

The Drifting kicks Reviver off with heavy guitar rifts, faded Strokes style vocals, and punchy drum beats. The listener is immediately transported to a dusty bar, swaying to the music with beer in hand.

Out Of Control (Into The Void) is an interesting piece for its relatability. Somewhat self-explanatory from the title, it speaks to feeling at a loss for control in your life. Backed by a punchy rock beat, it appeals to the confused emotions most young adults feel about the direction they’re taking in life.

Nearly Lost You is another notable track for its similarities to Nirvana. Despite the similarities, The Torn Images keep their sound fresh with synths, and clear, twang-y vocals. The more upbeat feel of this track takes us away from the angsty feel of those previous. It’s a short and sweet piece, enjoyed for its simplicity.

With Life On A Standstill the mood completely shifts away from the high-energy rock, to something a little calmer. This is the song that would play in the club when its closing time, and you’re getting ready to stumble home after one too many. It feels dusty and vintage in the best possible way. Vintage Breath and Blind Fascination bring back more of the earlier rock beats of the album, with dirty guitar and dark vocals. The album closes with World Of Meaning, a track with a cool soft synth intro and soft-rock style guitar. It’s an easy track to digest, and leaves you feeling energized.

Overall, Reviver is a great indie-rock album. It grabs just enough inspiration from classic bands like Nirvana or The Strokes, while maintaining a fresh and modern sound that is relatable for new audiences. While I don't feel they've got a major hit-single on their hands quite yet, they're definitely getting close.