Releases April 25, 2015

By Morgan Berna

Revolt kicks off with a deliciously booming drum beat, welcoming in Steve Moore’s harsh vocals. You immediate feel the aggression, and darkness of the track. With building background instrumentation and quick drum beats, this song is as eerie as it is beautiful.

The overall crescendo during the song is slow, leaving the first few minutes relatively unchanging. While powerful, the instrumentation and vocals never get too strong, making it an almost gentle song for the genre. It also makes the song accessible to new audiences.

By 3:30 things have built up. New layers of sound have been introduced, and the vocals have become elongated. Electric guitar riffs take over, and pull you along through to the end of the song. As things start to rise up, it ends. One last clean beat. You’re left feeling satisfied, but uncomfortable. It’s almost as if something hasn’t quite been resolved, and you want more.



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