Released April 20, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

With cool acoustic radio effects, and shimmering guitar lines comes the introduction to the latest EP from The Velveteins, A Hot Second With The Velveteins. This band, out of Edmonton, has impressed us before with their unique combination of surf/indie rock, and catchy tracks. 

The opening track Monica Louise is a classic indie rock song wrapped in a light punk sound. The effects give it this cool vintage feel, like it's being played through an old radio. Next up is Hanging From The Ceiling, sounding like a classic 50’s rock song. The song is made up of vintage sounding bass lines, doo-wop background vocals, sweet guitar, and vocal melodies that keep the song simple, whilst still fitting in room for that indie rock flavour.

Fans of neat drum patterns will love the third track, Baby Blue, with its intricate runs between the high hat and the toms. Baby Blue has a great motion to it, making it a great centre piece to the EP. 

Beach Reprieve starts with rolling ocean waves, quickly followed by cute guitar lines and warm bass sounds. A short piece, it gives just a taste of rock before settling back into a cute ocean-side song. 

To end of this great EP you’ve got Shimmy Shake, making you want to get up and dance. It gets you right into the groove with some tasty bass to introduce the song. It's filled with uplifting lyrics and guitar lines similar to that of The Beatles Octopus’s Garden.

If you are interested in some surfer-meets-indie rock, The Velveteins are perfect for you.