The Wax Girl - Anosmic EP

Released August 8, 2014

By Graham White

With the August 8th release of The Wax Girl’s latest EP, Anosmic, they have given the listening world an EP worth its weight in salt. Ambient, evolving and unique, Anosmic creates a meditative and other-worldly state of mind with a powerfully grounding rhythm. Post-rock listeners, rejoice!

Opening the magnificently ambient album is Consciousness, a track that feels at home in the vacuum of space. It is calm and collected, exploratory and emotional with an ephemeral flow. Akin to being adrift down a slow flowing stream, the track pulls the listener into an imaginative and meditative state. A echo-heavy build leads the album into Broken Space, exemplifying the post-rock standard with a powerful uniqueness. With a strong rhythm, the track builds into moments of head-bobbing while maintaining it’s atmospheric nature. There is something about the intense amounts of reverberation applied to the rhythm that make this track a true pleasure to listen to, with a full and timeless sound.

Unknown Location follows, with an immediate cliff dive into a gelatinous block of sound, offset by acoustic guitar and a drawling, high-pitched melody. The acoustic guitar gives the listener an immediate and personable connection to the track, bringing a warmth and personality to The Wax Girl’s sound. Departure takes the rhythm to a new state of existence, somewhere in between a melody and a beat, rising and falling with a passion. It expresses a distinctly mature sound, a seriousness that is found in battle-hardened musicians and audiophiles alike. It has a tone that invites the listener to consider and question, to separate the mind from the body, and be wholly involved in the sound. Sleep Disorder concludes the EP with an eclectically written masterpiece. Droning and repetitive melodies flow freely, held together by the slow and steady beat, in conversation with each other. It is a wonder on the ears as they work their way through the full and cohesive sound.

Remaining true to expectations of post-rock while discovering a unique tone and personality can be challenging for any musical group. The Wax Girl has accomplished just that with Anosmic. Ephemeral and grounded, other worldly and meticulously designed, Anosmic is a treat for all post-rock aficionados. We will be looking forward to a full length album release in 2015!