The Wisers - It's Safe I'm Not Here

Released March 22, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Do you need your rock fix? Calgary band, The Wisers, definitely deliver all your rock n' roll needs on their debut album It's Safe I'm Not Here. Each song gives you something to hold onto, and with their high-energy, don't you dare let go.

Right off the top Get Low gets you moving, mixing classic hard-rock with beautiful shimmering breaks, with a soulful guitar solo reminiscent of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. With simple, yet powerful, chorus lines and a dirty fuzz Get Low has all the means of a killer opening track. Following is Outsider, opening with a killer lick and pulling you into a groove that you just can't leave. The lyrics paint the picture of an outsider's life crashing, full of memorable guitar licks and classic ad-lib screams and shouts that can only come from real feeling.

Like the calm before a storm The Devil's in the Suburbs traps you with a steady beat, relaxing guitar and vocals - and then it explodes. The Devil's in the Suburbs is where if you were rocking out already, you're forced to turn it up to 11. The Wisers give you so much rock that is would almost feel wrong if they didn't also deliver on the sexiness that the genre brings. Happily, Sweat Dance delivers it in handfuls. With seductive vocal melodies, sexy, soulful rock interludes, and a revealing chorus of "You're going home alone tonight," The Wisers paint the perfect picture of the one night stand, before reminding you that you'll be going home alone one more time.

For the next track please crack your beers, pull the lawn chair out, and chill the hell out to this fine piece of music. Ms. Youth allows Chad Thomas to tell you a story of what can be interpreted as lost youth. Open your ears for this rocking dreamscape. When Ms. Youth ends, you are brought into Miles, a combination of shimmering guitars, steady beat, and melodic bass groove that creates a great album center-piece that is lyrically relatable for everyone. Next, sneaking into your ears comes White Woman with a chorus that drags you in with its echoey, haunting vocals, hammering guitars and drums, before crashing into a last breath of life that seems to come from the guitars. A short listen into the next track Comeback gives you everything you need. Rocking guitars, the bass jamming away, beautiful lyrical breaks filled with warming background vocals that give you goosebumps. I'm absolutely lost in this track, and stuck between its beauty and its dirtiness.

Like a breath in and out Baby You Were Made in Paris' opening is calm and peaceful, launching soon into the louder sections, and then relaxing again with a calming instrumental. With heartfelt lyrics, this track has the making for another great album center-piece. Lost brings back the shouting, not letting anyone say they are lost or wrong. Basically, Lost tells you not to screw with The Wisers, they know what they're doing - just don't get in their way.

More often than not artists don't pay attention to how they end an album and just throw something in to fill the space. The Wisers are not one of those artists, and with such a great song as Slow Groove ending the album off they definitely don't let you down. It's a down to earth song that wraps itself around you and doesn't let you go. The shattering echoed bass drum shots, great acoustic riffs, and borderline angelic guitars had me listening to this track 3 times before I even knew it.

Like any great album does, It's Safe I'm Not Here will keep pulling you back song after song. Raise a glass for The Wisers, and cross your fingers for another album from them in the near future.