The Written Years - S/T

Released January 28, 2014

By Katye Chase

The Written Yearsself-titled album is just shy of hitting the one year anniversary mark of its release date. January 28, 2014 delivered us The Written Years' self proclaimed Winter Music album that openly rehashes themes of homesickness, nostalgia, and a deep longing for the past. These recurring sentiments are prominent through all of the eight tracks on the album and the vocalist, Wade Ouelette, makes sure to deliver through the emotional depth in his lyrics. The words ache with relatable feelings and the dreamy aura that projects from Ouelette’s voice eases one’s innate tendency to yearn for their own past.

The album’s overall wistful mood takes its form with a catchy introduction in It’s Not Your Fault, and carries over without skipping a beat into the second track, I Would Miss My Home If I Knew Where It Was. Meanwhile, the positively catatonic harmony projecting from the third track, Homesick Dirge, combines both the vocals and the music to unleash a heavy-hearted vibe. Tracks like Are You Okay? and You’re Too Kind both beg to be performed in a dimly lit indoor venue where the lyrics can echo off of the walls and the reverberation can be absorbed by the audiences energy in its entirety.

Each song introduces a unique sense of melancholy and past experiences are wakened through haunting undertones. The lyrics are raw and meaningful and Oulette’s honest delivery invites listeners to sway in unison with the band’s bone-chilling melodies. The Written Years’s emotionally charged album effectively provokes listeners to reflect on the past with them rather than in isolation. The mellow mood will have listeners hooked and wishing they could relive times well spent.

All proceeds from their single It's Not Your Fault goes toward violence and abuse against women.