Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield

Released March 25, 2014

By Connor Young


From the moment the first snare hits to the blast of electric guitars, Tokyo Police Club's third LP Forcefield hits listeners with a feeling of immersive pop joy. The album is headlined by the sprawling Argentina (I, II, III) which runs almost a third of the total album length, and certainly longer than any song previously produced by the band. Forcefield gives the listener a diversity of sound, ranging from a summer indie-rock vibe one moment to a slow, synth driven ballad the next. Vocalist David Monks keeps vocals sublime and hooky, effortlessly weaving catchy melodies through layers of synth, guitar, and drums. Everything on Forcefield feels very well thought out, every drum hit clear and precise. With each song running around three minutes and a totally running time of just over a  half-hour, the album plays quickly filling listeners with it's fun, upbeat feel. While there are no particularly weak songs on Forcefield, some definite standouts are Argentina (I, II, III), Hot Tonight, and Feel The Effect.

A downside to this album is that is may not hit you as a very profound album. Lyrics tend to remain on the surface, ranging from plain to downright peculiar (and not necessarily in a good way). For example, on Argentina (I, II, III) listeners are graced with this, "If I was a lighthouse, I would look all over the place." Additionally, with almost every song on the album being about lost love and looking for girls the overarching themes can feel a little run-of-the-mill, and even cliche. However, before I give too much away, I'd suggest giving Forcefield a listen if you are looking for a fun album to blast in your car on a hot summer day.