Vajra - Blind (Blood Mix) (Single)


By Graham White

The new single from art rock group Vajra entitled Blind (Blood Mix) brings listeners into an interesting musical experience, with synthesizer playing alongside more traditional instruments like the sitar. Rocking lead guitar and impressive drumming (done by ex The Mars Volta drummer Blake Fleming) mesh so perfectly with Annamaria Pinna’s synesthesia-inspired songwriting and ethereal vocals. The track has a distinct grunge sound, reminiscent of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, but with such a freshness to it that it holds it’s own. A solid bass line, powerful vocality and strong noisy guitar come together to create a truly interesting track that gets listeners either head-banging or contemplating.

The track flows in a lucid way, feeling like an extended dream. The odd assortment of instruments make the track full and interesting at every turn, with lyrics that capture the imagination. Blind (Blood Mix) is a track for the art-rockers, a track to contemplate and consider, to groove along mentally to. Each layer of sound, every vocalization is intriguing, something that is difficult to achieve and harder to perfect. Vaijra has indeed succeeded in this regard, creating a sound that listeners clamor to hear.   

Blind (Blood Mix) would be an extremely interesting track for psychologists and intellectuals, as well as fans of Tool or Pearl Jam! Follow the link below to listen to Blind.