Released February 20, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Opening with sweet soft acoustics and wonderful synth pads is the lead single Melancholia. This is one of the best ways to start an album off, and let people just settle in. Grant's voice compliments all these tones so well and you can hear how he puts his true feelings into every word that he sings.  With songs to close and so personal to Grant you can expect this to be a very heart to heart EP.

Great guitar riffs and aggressive drum introductions, soothes into a sweet and steady song - Oceans II. Again you can hear all the truth that rings through Grant's voice. All this truth comes out of Grant having openly addressed his depression and mental illness, using this record as a type of journal.

The change between acoustic, electric, and back to acoustic is very nice with the opening of Edge of The World. The trills of guitar in the intro are small details but they really add feeling to the simplest of acoustic passages. Draped over all this beauty is Grant sounding as though he is literally on the edge of the world in life and just apologizing for so many things. Though he still begs for wanting someone more and more.

A nice groove and rad guitars push their way into your ears with this next song, How Many Times You.  This song is so full of rock and roll, but then surprises you and slowly cools down with just some acoustic and light drums, right before slamming you with rock yet again. These back and forth kind of songs really keep you interested and clinging onto the song. Once again, Grant keeps spitting the truth out about his life and you just can’t let go of it.

Finally summing up this close to the heart EP is the song Sweet Addiction. Opening with great acoustics and many pentatonic guitar effects really add another layer of sweet to this song. If there is any song to be a favourite on this EP, Sweet Addiction, would be it. This song sounds like a journal page ripped directly out of Grant's own journal, so full of feeling and emotion. Also proving to be the longest song on the EP at 9:50 sweet minutes. It’s really a lot to take in, but you leave this EP kind of knowing Grant and understanding his life a little bit more.

If you are interested in hearing anything else or would like to find out where he is playing then you can find more Vince Grant here. To hear some tunes, click here for Melancholia.