Vogue Dots - Toska

Released May 6, 2014

By Graham White

For the effervescent dreamer, Toska combines a smooth surrealism with a lingering luminosity. There would be no better soundtrack for a lucid dream, as Toska  completely dives into the ethereal with each rolling track. With an outer-space sound, the album refuses normalcy and conventionality, becoming a quixotic and introspective journey into the musical brilliance of Vogue Dots.

Tynan Dunfield and Babette Hayward, the co-producer duo behind Vogue Dots, succeed in creating a magnificently ambient collection of synthesized dreams. Starting off the album with Skinny Thing, the listener is quick to fall in love with the melodic vocalizations Hayward produces. The uniqueness in her tone keep us wanting more. It swirls around the music, lifting it and being lifted by it, like a cloud led by the wind. Temporal Suspension follows, with highly produced ambience. It succeeds in creating a sense of suspension for the listener, as the music wraps around one’s ears, embracing them.

There is a moment in every album that succeeds in fully capturing the listener’s attention. Thunder is exactly that. It’s backwardness is so off putting, it pushes the listener deeper into the (now slightly nightmarish) dreamland. It is beautifully unconventional, a step in the weird direction. With Thunder, the listener is completely dedicated to the sound, lost in it, crawling through it’s jello-textured interior, awash in it’s cloud shaped tones.

Mercy follows, bringing the listener into a slow and lyrical feel. It’s dragging echoes create a most powerful ambience, mercifully preparing the listener for Turns And Turns. It swoons up and down, like waves by the sea. It is having both your feet buried in warm sand. The rolling vocals and guitar create a sunny and calm atmosphere, a beach front with no closing time.

By far, Vogue Dots have created a monolith with Toska. It stands alone as a unique and masterful album, dream like and self reflective. The music is instantly absorbing and connective, making this a must-listen for dreamers and thinkers alike!