Released September 15, 2015

By Larry Chen 

Get ready for some grungy indie folk pop in this new EP by the Wild Romantics, She Could Tell. Evan Miller and Aleisha Kalina are the two part of this powerful indie group. Their music brings up a Mumford and Sons feel to it with interesting melodic and harmonic choices between the two.

Miller and Kalina both have unique voices that could stand alone on a record, but together are a perfect pairing. A little bit raspy, but with the folk twang that is so enjoyable; they manage to find a perfect balance between having too much harmony on a track and too much unison. When they choose to go into unison, it’s almost like Kalina’s voice is an echo of Miller’s in a higher pitch; that’s how good they are paired together.

Hard hitting drums and electric guitar and bass propel each track on this EP into the listener’s body at a steady pace throughout. But, when they choose to slow down their track they do an amazing job at doing that too. India Lee is an example of this; with an interesting ornamental approach to the guitar instrumentation and vocal parts.

Who Ya Foolin’ and A Monday In May are my personal favourites from this EP. Miller’s voice really stands out in most of the songs, but when Kalina gets the chance to sing a part to herself, it’s equally as interesting. Penned very well, these two songs are definitely my recommendations for first listenings to this album.

Some nostalgic indie-grunge pop music, you should keep an eye out for this duo and check out their music to get a taste of that good old folk-y experience.