Wild Son - Build The Future

Released February 13, 2015

By Morgan Berna

Out of Kelowna, British Columbia, comes the unique sounds of Wild Son and his new single Build The Future.

The song starts with a classic rock guitar riff, which is nothing particularly fancy. It might grab your attention, but you're likely just expecting another average rock song. Then, 19 seconds in, bursts forth the most rocking violin I’ve ever heard. It takes you off-guard, and instantly gets you moving.

If the awesome violin is not enough to impress you, Wild Son’s grungy vocals, which start about 37 seconds in, will be. It’s Nirvana meets dirty violin rock - It’s nuts. This is a song with some serious attitude.

The one downside is that the lyrics can be a bit cliche and predictable, so they can feel a bit off with the rock style. That being said, they don’t seriously take away from enjoying this awesome song. This is something you need to hear.