Released March 3, 2015

By Morgan Berna

Burden's Landing (EP) by Winchester Revival gives the listener a great idea of how this band will be growing for future albums, and what awesome qualities of theirs we can expect to continue seeing. Opening track, Last Night in Tokyo, kicks off the EP with a steady rock tempo, dynamic instrumentals, and elongated vocal lines that are reminiscent of former Kelowna band, Fields of Green. The tone of the song is hazy, making you feel as though you’re watching the performance live in a smokey, dusty, grunge bar. Swaying to the catchy, uptempo beat.  

The second track, Ides of January, has a solid instrumental introduction with heavy playing. The vocals are grittier on this track, and it dives deeper into the grunge feel Last Night in Tokyo had set up.

Dilligence, starts off almost a bit tropical. With little synth pops that sounds like crystals. Then, Keeping It Together starts slow, with a building synth intro. A short track, clocking in at just over 1:50, it creates a moment to breathe in the EP. The echoic chanting that begins at 1:14 is reminiscent of Animal Collective, and shows a new side of creatively to Winchester Revival. Salamander brings us back to the classic rock beat, building on what Keeping It Together had started. It brings the chanting from Keeping It Together back, but now it’s the lyrics and foundation for a new song.

Ice Water ends off the EP with attitude, energy, and Winchester Revival’s classic sound. Overall, a great EP that definitely sparks interest in seeing what these guys will have for us next. A continuation on the really creative aspects of this EP would be fantastic.