Released April 14, 2015

By Morgan Berna

After getting to review his set this past weekend at Kelowna’s Bottega Festival, we can’t help but want to give you guys some more Windmills! If you live in the Vancouver area you’ve likely been hearing Face To A Name playing on The Peak radio station. As a contestant in this year’s upcoming Peak Performance Project, Windmills (along with the other 11 contestants) will be featured on the radio station leading up to the competition. The winner walks away with a whopping $102,700. 

Face To A Name is an easy choice to put on the radio - It’s unique, chill, and gets in your head right away. Windmills’ vocals call Cayne McKenzie of We Are The City to mind (winners of the first Peak Performance Project) in that they’re incredibly smooth, without substituting dynamics or range. 

Windmills is known for his looping, filling the stage with such a full sound it’s surprising to find out he’s a solo act. We’ll be incredibly surprised if he doesn’t become one of the next big names in indie “swoon” pop. Give his first three songs a listen here.