Winsome Kind - S/T

Released October 7, 2014

By Karina Sims

Winsome Kind's self-titled debut album, Winsome Kind, begins with Better Days. This is an glorious meeting of grass roots and what can only be described as upbeat piano and string rock. Members, Scott Perrie and Leora Joy are an indie-folk/folk-pop group from Vancouver BC.

On their track, This Much is True, the vocals warm you like sunshine, melting over your shoulders and then sinking into your heart, completely controlling its rhythm. In this writer’s opinion, This Much is True, is the pacemaker of the album. Intertwined is a beautiful melodic amalgamate of banjo and barn dances on a high moon. The music forms images sharply in the mind and brings you right on top of the haystacks. Intertwined gives me the feeling like I’m a nervous wallflower but then all the sudden, like magic when those cymbals and strings kick and they kick hard and I can’t help but break out into dance.

This dancing bug doesn’t scuttle off, it keeps biting all through the album until Burning Out hits the hi-fi and it is anything but burned out. Burning Out begins to play it quickly proves to be one of the most soulful tracks of the album Winsome Kind has so artfully assembled.

It seems I cannot say enough good about this album but truth is, All I Ever Wanted, truly captures the apprehension of young lovers confronting their compelling feelings to tell the one they love that they are All I Ever Wanted. The female vocals shows reciprocation and the song plucks on and on, like the heart strings of longing.

However, I must be honest and declare Sunrise to be a favourite of the album. The love between these two musicians is palpable and Sunrise gives listeners a small window to peer through at just how beautiful these two really are. Laying in their joy, their energy, this album brings you face to face with your lover under the sheets.

I loved Winsome Kind, may these two love forever and may their music never die. I will be following these two married merry makers for many, many years to come.