Wrenn - Summer Girls

Released August 11, 2015

By Larry Chen 

If you enjoy music that sounds nice to the ear and is also brilliantly written at the same time, Wrenn is the artist to watch. Bursting out of the Athens music scene, this new-age experimental artist is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Think of her style as a cross between Sia’s writing prowess and the timbre of Florence Welch’s voice.

Summer Girls is a brilliant and laid-back single. The instrumentation on the record is held back yet powerful at the same time. Heavy bass with kicks and snares mix together with Wrenn’s luring voice on this single. “Nothing gets you high anymore,” sings Wrenn as a euphoric and pulsating bass track plays underneath. Wrenn’s vocals are the epitome of the indie genre, there’s really nothing like her out there. It’s rich yet vulnerable at the same time, but also has a tinge of pop and soul in it as well.

Wrenn is an artist to look for on the music scene in the next bit. She is an efficient and down-to-earth artist who has a lot to say. Summer Girls is a great second single from her debut album that’s to be dropped soon.